Corporate Yoga Classes in Austin, TX

Get your flow on without even leaving the office!

Let’s face it, your work day needs that yoga break. So why not have yoga come to you?

2UYoga works with companies of all sizes to bring professional yoga classes to your office in Austin. Whether you are looking to offer on-site yoga as a benefit or just want a fun team-building activity, you have found the right corner of the Internet. We’re excited to work with your team!

Hey, Startups! I come from the startup world, and I know it’s tough to squeeze yoga benefits into your time and budget. I’m happy to get creative and combine classes with other small startups to make things work for everyone


We almost always get the same questions, so let’s jump in. The real answer to all of these is just reach out - we’ll work with you to tailor to your needs!

How much does it cost?

$120 per hour session. Lower rates available for longterm contract.

When are classes available?

I’ll work with your schedule. Based on your location I can accommodate morning, afternoon and evening onsite classes.

We offer recurring classes to suit your schedule, yoga-based team-building sessions that may be better for getting beginners on your team into yoga and even yoga for corporate events.

Team building, employee retention, stress relief, mindfulness and so many more.

How much space do we need?

We know not every office has a dedicated yoga studio (would be nice, though, right?). Happy to help you figure out the space, and when the weather is nice, we can always go outside.

I’ve got to sell this to my boss/CEO/HR - any advice?

Lucky for you, we speak “boss” fluently. Shoot us an email, we can help you craft your pitch.