Spectacular yoga that comes to you!


Yoga on your schedule

Welcome to 2UYoga. It’s yoga classes that come – you guessed it – to you!

2UYoga brings yoga classes to your home, office or event in Austin, Texas. We’re all about the convenience of getting that workout in and getting on with your day.

We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes and are happy to work with you to find the best schedule.



Yin - Restorative, slow-paced practice, holding poses for three to five minutes at a time for a deeper stretch. Less focused on transitions, more focused on savoring each pose. Extremely good for athletes. Most athletes don’t fully stretch their muscles, so this makes them!

Vinyasa - Faster-paced practice, almost like a choreographed dance from one pose to the next. There is a nice flow between poses. You still get the deep stretching of the muscles, but with the first layers of strength-building.

Power - To level up your vinyasa practice, for folks focused on building strength. This can be a bit more challenging and will really build a sweat. You’ll hold the more challenging poses for longer periods of time, but still with that vinyasa element flowing from one pose to the next.

Whether you are interested in corporate yoga classes or private yoga lessons, I’m excited to start working with you. Reach out!