About 2UYoga

Hi, I’m Shannon, founder and Chief Executive Guru of 2UYoga! I am so excited to help make yoga a more impactful and convenient part of your life.

Things that are my jam:

- Yoga

- Startups

- Mayson the dog

- Not wasting anyone’s time

Yoga has been immensely impactful for me. I started practicing casually in college, but started practicing daily more recently after injuries forced me away from some of my favorite physical activities. As I began feeling my body heal, I’ve been able to pick some of those activities back up, and I decided to become a yoga instructor so I could help others find that same healing power.

I also live my daily life as an executive in the world of tech startups, and I know that grind can leave little time for healthier things like yoga. My hope is that by bringing yoga to people in their homes and offices, I can help them get some of that time back and remove an extra layer of stress.

I may not be the most spiritual yoga-human you’ll ever come across, but I’ll shoot you straight and get you a good workout – and I find that usually gets your mind and spirit in a good place. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally so we can find the right yoga experience for you. Thanks!