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Corporate Wellness

Introducing yoga and meditation into the corporate environment creating many benefits to the employees and company.  It allows employees to participate directly after or before work and eliminates travel time to a studio.

2UYoga’ classes of yoga and meditation have been proven to increase immune health, prevent workplace injuries and reduce stress. Stress release is an important component of yoga and those benefits result in healthier calmer employees creating a more effective productive corporate environment.  Yoga classes will be taught to all levels of experience allowing both the beginner and more advance student to achieve the maximum opportunities.

*Lower Healthcare costs, decrease the frequency of absenteeism

*Increases pride and productivity

*Morale, teamwork improves

*Physical strength improves

*Feel livelier with a better attitude


Standard Corporate Yoga/Meditation Pricing Models

$80. per class (Company Paid Option)

$8. per student (Employee Paid Option-minimum of 10 participants)

2UYoga will provide corporate friendly Yoga Alliance Certified Instructors to fit your culture, yoga mats and equipment.  We will also be instrumental in the initial marketing, ongoing wellness education and personal growth of your employees.  The organization needs to provide the space for the classes.  *Note a yoga mat is typically 72 x 24 which needs a 4 inch space around edges of each mat.  

Executive/Leadership/Team Building Retreats/Workshops-Sessions 

Small Group $200.

Large Group (20+) $350.  

2UYoga will provide yoga mats.  For customized/company yoga mat with your logo $20. per person per mat

2UYoga offers several workshops including both a physical practice and teambuilding activities based on the unique needs of your organization.  Included are these workshops:

*Unleash Your Warrior – Meditate on Your Strengths

*Ground down through the Muladhara Chakra

*Anusara Open the Heart Teambuilding

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