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Bullying can be stopped with Yoga

As school bullying continues to increase and children deal with intensely stressful situations there is a need to supplement in the development of children’s empathy response. 2UYoga Curriculum addresses the need to tap into these positive human behaviors of each individual with a meditative physical practice designed to create a sense of self worth and respect of community.  Our program teaches children the need to relax, breathe and assess situations – whether it be a difficult pose or a difficult situation.


The 2UYoga Curriculum Classes are designed to develop individuals in spirit, mind and body.  We teach the postures and methodology to the possibilities of what can be achieved with continuous practice. This curriculum assists in building empathy for those around us and utilized positive methods to handle any situation they are in – including negative or stressful situations as they may occur.



Yoga is taught within the school-day curriculum or added to the after school program. The 2U Yoga Curriculum teaches with a teacher led physical practice, a visual expression and understanding of the anatomy of poses and the option to learn the ancient language Sanskrit. Our classes lay the foundation of this 6000 year old practice including the guidelines of a balanced life. Since students learn in different ways, the

2UYoga Curriculum addresses all learning styles and leads others into acceptance of each individuals uniqueness. The 2UYoga Curriculum introduces students how to use the breath to create a focus in the daily life and also to take a few moments to reflect, and gather one’s thoughts before reacting in a negative manner. 2UYoga Curriculum addresses ahimsa (nonviolence to self and others).


2UYoga Assessment

2UYoga will begin each semester with a questionairre for students addressing topics related to bullying as well as interpersonal relationships, stress management, and concentration abilities.  After the end of the session we will survey the students again to show the increase in these items.




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