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Hanuman Festival Monkey Love on the Mountain

Hanuman Festival Monkey Love on the Mountain

The Hanuman Festival provided mountains, grass, clean crisp air and beautiful yogi’s from around the globe.  Compared to most festivals this one, being at elevation 5400, gets you on a high vibration just because of it’s location.  Top yoga instructors from around the globe gathered in this very chill-relaxed-groovy scene to share their vision of what makes yoga joyful.  From Kathryn Budig’s Aim True class to Richard Freeman’s unbelievable knowledge of prana and movement it was a perfect combination of yoga and technical applications.  With a little bias….Mary Clare Sweet’s “super fun monkey love class” was filled with tunes from DJ HYFi and together they created a yoga club scene-techno lights included!!!  We can’t say enough about the people who assembled this great festival (Alex Jarboe, Rachel Ann Gasner and Yoshi) their genuine friendship and providing this amazing festival! We’ve already purchased our tickets for next year…..hurry up for this special pre-purchase DEVOTION ticket price!!!


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